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Our Business Philosophy

The founders of E-IONS,Mr.Chow Ms.Jessie have always believed in sustainability when it comes to establishing a business.In ensuring the concept of sustainability,they strive to uphold the company's main values-Responsibility,Integrity,Respect and Appreaciation.

Mr.Chow and Ms.Jessie also firmly believes that to establish a sustainable business,it is essential that one must have the sense of responsibility towards ownself,only then one can have responsibility towards the family,community and country.A responsible person would treat people with sincerity and honesty,bulding trust and credibility along the way.

A person with integrity knows how to respect not only themselves but also others as well.Thus to ensure a solid foundation for the business,the company should encourage its people to show mutual respect towards each other to cultivate a harmonious environment where courtesy is a culture.


Be responsible for your action and manage yourself well. Perform and deliver task as agreed. Be committed and dedicated in your employment.


Be sincere and gracious when treating others. Be a trust worthy person.


Always respect yourself and others. Reflect on your own actions and behavior. Play your own part well and gain the respect of others. 


Always be appreciative and grateful. Appreciate the support given by customers, partners & colleagues. Be greateful for what the company has done for you. Be appreciative of opportunities given. Be thankful with this peaceful country that we live in where we have the freedom to explore growth & opportunities.

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