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The Founder


 Founder Mr. Chow Sek Hin was born in year 1969.


 Mr. Chow Sek Hin started engaging himself in sales organisation job simultaneously.


 He left Penang to Kuala Lumpur to pursue Electrical Engineering Course, while working part time sales in
 organisation. The related organisation exceeded number of 2000 employees, and his monthly pay roll
 was RM5000.


 At the age of 26, He was selling Namite – female corrective undergarments, getting yearly sales results
 approximately RM4 million.


 Hand in hand, with His spouse (Ms. Jessie Ooi Hui Wen), they pioneered CHOW & JESSIE Enterprise,
 and BY Direct Sales Company, introducing Korean Ionized Electrolysis Water Generator set.

 In 2 year time, both respective organisations sold in total approximately 5,000 units.


 In the course of time, BY Company has formulated BY anti­aging products. Within 2 years, both
 organisations individually achieved results exceeding RM50 million, reaching highest Awards
 achievement, leading 200,000 Direct Sales Business Operations, located in 8 respective countries,
 including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.


 Mr. Chow Sek Hin has managed to obtain Excellent Entrepreneur Award in year 2003, from Direct Selling
 Association of Malaysia (DSAM).


 He joined (G) MLM Company, and held the position of Asia Pacific Business Director. During the course   of 3 years, he helped brought forth profit transcended RM90 million, also helped won numerous awards


 He established E­IONS CORPORATION SDN BHD in September.


 E –IONS officially operated on 1st March, meanwhile acquired SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Best
 Overall Award, <Rising Star>.


 He graciously obtained 21st Century Success Brand Elite Edition, and again received recognition of SME
 Best Overall Award, <Rising Star>.


 He was awarded with “Health & Beauty Award 2012” by manufacturing healthy water equipment.


 He once again obtained <Best Product Quality>, in second event of 21st Century Success Brand Elite


  Founder Words

Years 1988, it's important key in my life, MLM make me realize spirit to free entreprise. My wife and me is most important of turning point, never thought I will establish company, but after 20 years four times experience of up and down trader of pyramid retailing, let me known my own fault,also know the down­line,company and what is organization need? "The market is changing, do not truth to change, is change." 21st century, be sure to change the way of MLM to manage, just have future, "past experience can only be used as to refer", cannot be used again. I expect establish company E­IONS can breakthrough barriers MLM and chain, with a new concept, "human and shop of special chain" to manage and to share career together with agent, keep the responsibility, integrity, respct, thanksgiving philosophy to achieve the goal of sustainable development.



 Operation Concepts

Founder believes want to establish a water operation to continued business enterprise, which starting with the first condition responsibility. Only have sincerity take the responsibility to own, will be undertake family, society and country responsbility, will train others with sincerity personality, establish the values of integrity. Person have integrity, know how to respect themselves and also know how to respect others. An enterprise under the respecting mutually atmosphere, will extend the spirit culture grateful mutually, decide enterprise extend foundation of operation forever.


1. Our current products are organized by "E­ions The 1st E­Era Energy+ Alkaline Ionized Water". Founder Mr Chow Sek Hin are in the healthcare industry selling many healthcare products since 1988. 

- Why the electrolytic ionized water machine most important for founder?

Because, for a person to be healthy, water is more important. Water is the most simple healthcare product. 70% of human body is made of water and 83% of human blood is also water. Are water important to us? Of course important. There are many types of water in the market.

- But why do we choose ionized water?

This is because ionized water has been approved by the international doctors and water experts,certainly by Japan and Korean government as the healthcare equipment.


2. "E­ions The 1st E­Era Energy + Alkaline Ionized Water" machine follow the R&D concept.

Since 1996, founder Mr Chow Sek Hin engaged in the sale of water ionizer device industry. In two years, manage to sold up to 5000 units. Distilled water is good, but usage of ionized water technology was unsatisfactory. Then, the technology continue to develop, improve, convenient to use, assured quality, stability­oriented and become consumer acceptance of the water machine. “E­ions The 1st E­Era Energy +Alkaline Ionized Water” has been developed after years of great effort and with other colleagues.


3. Coming soon