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In the business arena, Mr. Chow Sek Hin has been through numerous ups and downs. Soon after establishing E-ions Corporation Sdn Bhd., he promoted the research study of e-ions worldwide exclusively, pioneering in this e-generation infrared ray + ionized electrolysis water generator set, and brought forth wholesome health and wealth to millions of consumers, and blessings to mankind, thus accomplishing his own business empire.

A person, who longs for good health, has to start right from the most basic element, which is water. Water has been the world simples
t supplement. Up to 70% of the human body component is consist of water, while 83% of the blood in body is also water liquid. In human race perspective, water plays an important role. Nevertheless in our market there is diversified of water, in which humans could neither distinguish the differences of water nor having a better understanding towards it. As humans will always inquire: “why choose ionized electrolysis water?” The reason is because ionized electrolysis water has received recognition widely from international prominent doctors and Japanese food and beverage expertise. In relations to that, Japan and Korea government have ruled out that the ionized electrolysis water generator set it is a prerequisite to preserving health wellness Medical Equipment.

Company founder Mr. Chow Sek Hin has since started his venture in health and wellness industry at year 1988, selling umpteen of health supplements products, and among them all is ionized electrolysis water, which served the most unforgettable one to him. Since year 1996, he led in the business industry of ionized electrolysis water, making both organizations in total up to 5000 units being sold. He realized ionized water is good; however most of the ionized water generator technology is not close to any ideal state in his mind. With that he persistently worked out comprehensive research study on improvisation, striving to invent one generator set which is trendy, mobile convenience and excellent quality; acceptable in the eyes of consumers. Finally, in much endeavor and hard work through the years, he collaborated with business partners and successfully developed this e-generation “e-ions”, and pioneered it worldwide. It is infrared ray + alkaline ionized electrolysis water generator set.

Today’s achievement Mr. Chow Sek Hin with E-IONS has not come easy. The Founder born in 1969 has experienced various upheavals of life, sustaining long-period of hardships and refine, to withhold the success of today. In 1991, he left Penang to Kuala Lumpur to pursue Electronic Engineering course. He was working part time as an independent distributor with related organisation which at that time consist of 2000 employees, and his monthly remuneration was RM5000.At a young age, with limited exposures and poor in management, his salary encountered a steep decline, which contributed to his first ever failure in life. Following in between the 2 years, at the age of 26 he decided for an attempt to return to his formal BY Direct Sales Company, and to promote female products (Namite women lingerie). Upon him joining the company, the individual organisation attained outstanding achievements reaching approximately RM4 million. However, good times do not often last long but a just a little while, this happened when Japanese yen currency was in high inflation, which forced the company to change its institution, resulting in the deterioration of sales from previous results. That contributed to his second setback. In year 1997, BY Company introduced Korean ionized electrolysis water generator, and within 2 years both organisations in total managed to sell 5000 units, partnering with Taiwan Company. Unfortunately, the recession in year 1998 has contributed to the decline in sales and again, this explained his third setback in life. Later on, BY Company revamped and took pride in his formulation of BY anti-aging product. In the course of 2 years, the two individual organisations experienced breakthrough, reaching outstanding results exceeding RM 50 million. Having attaining the top achievement, Mr. Chow Sek Hin led 200,000 Direct Sales Business Operations, located in 8 respective countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. In year 2007, BY Company has to leverage his profit margin due to its previous decision on the partnership with other companies, which added to its fourth setback.



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In the year 2008, he joined (G) MLM Company and become Asia Pacific Business Director. In the course of 3 years, he helped brought forth profit transcended RM90 million. Furthermore, under his leadership, he has also assisted to winning numerous awards certifications. Surviving through much adversity in the past, on 1st March 2011, he successfully established E-ions Corporation Sdn Bhd. With the accumulated 20 years of experiences in sales industry and 4 times of setback in history, Mr Chow Sek Hin has discovered the mistakes made and gradually understood the factors which contributed to his setbacks. Furthermore, he realized and learnt about the purposes in his investments, and the deepest needs lying beneath the root of the company and organisations. He hopes E-ions Company will birth forth breakthrough against the setbacks exist between sales and franchise. Using a fresh concept “unique franchise combining human and store” to run about the business, sharing business career profit and revenue with agents, and living out thus withholding the virtue of “Responsibility, Integrity, Respect and Appreciation” the entrepreneurship philosophy, to accomplish the goal of an everlasting perpetual business. More success ensued, under his leadership in the related company mentioned; he received numerous International recognitions within short period of time continuously, building upon strong foundations for the enlargement and growth of entrepreneurship. He successfully captured the attention of 21st Century Success Brand Elite Edition committees, after going through a strict assessment process; he managed to obtain the highest honour and recognition in 21st Century Success Brand Elite Edition! At the meantime, in 2003 he also received Excellent Entrepreneur Award, from Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM).