Why E-IONS Ionized Water System so expensive?
This is not a normal purifying system, it is a healthy ionized water for your family & friends! Effectiveness of the product is fast, if you want to buy a normal water filter (pH is around Neautral), E-IONS have a UF Energy Water Dispenser for only RM2,488.
How is E-IONS Ionized Water System process the water?
Water passes through 3 ways of filtration process > Passes through far infrared tube and reduces the temperature of water > Japan Platinum Titanium Plate > 2 Way water processing system (Alkaline & Acidic) > Improves health and longevity.
Will E-Ions Ionized Water reduce the immune system?
No. Consuming E-IONS Ionized Water will helps to neutralize the unhealthy acidic body. It gives rise to an internal environment conducive to disease, as opposed to a PH –balanced environment which allows normal body function necessary for the body to resist disease. A healthy body maintains adequate alkaline reserves to meet emergency demands. When excess acids must be neutralized, our alkaline reserves are depleted leaving the body in a weakened condition.
Why drinking e-ions pH10 ionized healthy water will got taste odor after during period of time?
E-ions pH10 ionized healthy water inserts calcium which stuck in the electrolytic cell, only need press (pH5.5) let the machine wash, and water run for 5 minutes to eliminate the odor.
How long can the E-ions alkaline Ionized Healthy water be stored?
Electrolyzed water promotes healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the fresher is better. It is based on different storage conditions and storage time. Usually at room temperature under exposed conditions, the water can remain active for about 12 hours. In the dark and sealed conditions the water can be maintained for 48 hours. If the electrolyzed water kept at dark, sealed and at the same time refrigerated, it can be stored for 3-12 days and the characteristics of electrolyzed water will not change much.
Does drinking E-ions Ionized Healthy water has long-term harmful effects?
No! It provides essential nutrients; electrolyzed water is alkaline drinks. Consuming for long-term drinking provides immunity. Furthermore, electrolyzed water for drinking has been in Japan's history for 70 years. As early as the 1960s, water ionizer has been in Japanese Ministry of Health (equivalent to China's Ministry of Health) as medical devices and for clinical. Electrolyzed water is based on longevity areas in the initial characteristics of water created by high-tech means, have been verified whether in practice or management theory.
Is there any difference in E-ions alkaline healthy water and alkaline water?
Both are completely different. Both common but the pH is alkaline. Alkaline water is not necessarily a small molecule. It does not have negative potential, do not have other characteristics of alkaline water, not clean and do not have medical care functions.
How long is the Electrolytic reduction of water retention time? Is there difference effect after cooking?
Electrolyzed water to be recognized and widely used depends on its ability to restore strength and oxidation. Among electrolyzed water can whether be effectively used, depending on the redox potential whether exists in the ideal range of effective (reduction potential between in-250mv ~ 400mv), left the effective range, the effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, electrolytic reduction of water in a closed and not exposed to the sunlight, can maintain 6 to 8 hours, stored in freezer up to 72 hours.
What is the difference for Calcium ionized and combine calcium?
Calcium is a very lively mineral chemistry, most of the other elements will combine with calcium, such as calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate (pearl powder, bone meal) and chemical calcium etc. The calcium ionized in the water-soluble pre-ionization conditions, the active of the material was. Due to insoluble combination of general-type calcium such as calcium lactate, calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, it cannot be ionized and are not easily absorbed by the body. Most of them excreted intact, even though some particles are absorbed without owing itself easily with the Department acidic use and likely to cause stones and other obstacles. The ionized calcium and soluble calcium absorption capacity of the body, and no acidic radical combination, so no side effects.
What types of diseases can be improved with consuming E-IONS Ionized Water?
Constipation, Acid reflux, Heart burn, Gastric Ulcer, Loss of appetite, etc. Effect on improve shows after one week. (Effectiveness varies individual)
Is there higher risk to get gallstone with consumption of calcium alkaline ionized water?
Often people worry about the risk of consumption of calcium ionized water will cause gallstones, but this is a huge misunderstanding. Indeed, analysis of gallstones contains some dry calcium; the main component is the cholesterol stones. The stone is the lack of calcium. Parathyroid hormone resulted in continuous release of calcium in the bones, so that the urine contains large amounts of calcium and acidic blood of the case generated by the cholesterol cure. If there calcium in the blood and drink alkaline water can dissolve gallstones. In order to avoid the bladder stones more calcium intake of water is necessary.
Why should you drink E-ions Ionized Healthy water 1 hour before going to bed?
Calcium provides a goodnight sleep at night which is the most vulnerable time loss of calcium. The water improves blood pelts and lowers the blood viscosity, prevent stroke, blood clots and control hormone.
If the electrolyzed water stored for some time, there are white precipitate and will it affect the human body?
As the electrolyzed alkaline water contain Ca2 +, Mg2 +, other ionic minerals, and non-relative radical ion, it is very lively and easily absorbed. They are very active. Long-term placement in the air or boiling will cause the Ca2 +, Mg2 + react with the CO2 and generate CaCO3, MgCO3 and calcium oxide (a white precipitate). Calcium oxide is easily absorbed by the body but does not damage human body. But this compound makes the human body hard to absorb calcium.
What water is suitable for boiling Traditional Chinese Medicine or Herbs?
E-IONS Ionized Alkaline Water is suitable for boiling as the pH of traditional Chinese Medicine or Herbs are mostly alkaline.