Knee Joint Pain & Back Pain Recovery

I had knee pain over 5 years and I cannot sit for long time. I will get backache even if I sit for an hour whereas climbing stairs can cause me to out of breath. I take meals 7 times a day but still easily to feel hungry.


Around 2 months ago, my friend Mr Low introduced the ionized alkaline water to me which improve my health problems. I was in suspicion when I went to the office to buy the ionized alkaline water for drink. After I drink about 20 litre of the alkaline water for a week, I can feel my knee pain gone and more energetic. My back pain also has gone even if I sit for long time and not feel sleepy as before. I lost weight and my face look fresher now . I can climb stair for nine-storey without knee pain and no more shortness of breath. In addition, I can feel the water is easily absorbed into my whole body and now I can take only 3 meals a day, a healthy eating habits.