5 Plates Ionized Water Filter + PMC Filter Set [NS500]

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Product Information

Benefiting people by Innovations that breakthrough traditions.

Total Platinum 10μm. Comes with PMC Filter Set.


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28 × 23 × 43 cm
5 kg




Input Voltage

AC 200 ~ 240V  |  50 ~ 60Hz

Electrode Material

Platinum baked titanium electrode plate imported from Japan Kobelco Steel (Material report is included)

Electrolysis Area

9 x 12 x 2 (two-­sided) = 216cm²/pc
Total Area:216cm² x 5 = 1080cm²/pc

Electrolytic Cell

5 electrode plates , 4 diaphragm

Electrode Watts

0.7 ~120W (MAX)


Automatic water outflow rate counting system
Self­-clean at every 40 litre of usage
Automatic reverse flush to the electrolytic cell

PH Level

Alkaline Water pH7.5 ­- pH 9
Purified Water pH7
Acidic Water pH4.5 ­- pH6

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Value

-600mv (ORP of Tap Water 25˚C 60ppm)

Filter Material

Japan made lead removal and antibacterial activated carbon fibre filter.

Diaphragm Material

Japan made ceramic diaphragm

Water Spout Bendable Pipe

Japan made stainless steel bendable pipe

Electrode Lifetime Display

LCD digital display

Filter Lifespan Display

LCD digital indicator (Water filter lifespan -­ 20, 000 litre)

Display device

LCD digital screen (PH value for Alkaline/Purified/Acidic water)

ORP/PH Display Type

PH fixed value display

Electrolysis Power Adjust

Built-­in electrode fixed power

Inspection Certification

Certified by CE , SGS (Water Quality Inspection)

Patented TPatented Technology 2echnology 1

Artificial intelligence adverse effect condition

Patented Technology 2

Automatic variable frequency step­less alkaline water regulating system

Patented Technology 3

High efficiency power saving circuit technology applied

Patented Technology 4

Equipped with current over­-flow and over­heat protection design and heat release system.