Analysis Result of E-IONS Pure Titanium Class 1 From Japan KOBE-Steel

Available manufacturing scope of Commercially pure titanium products (KS40S,KS40,KS50,KS60,JIS Class-1,JIS Class-2, ASTM G!, ASTM G2)

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E-IONS Patented Electrolysis Plate

Japan Kobe Steel Platinum
Baked Titanium Electrode Mold

Japan Anaka Analysis Certificate

platinum Thickness
2.0µm per pc

Taiwan Patent

Taiwan patent

China Patent

China patent
No.ZL 2017 2 0330284.X

International Quality of EIONS filters

Exclusive developed and patented by E-IONS

Precision Filter Technology developed by Japan UNITIKA & Taiwan patented by E-IONS

Own Patent Rights

Taiwan Patent Certificate

Taiwan patent

China Patent Certificate

China patent
ZL 2012 2 0312562.6

The Difference between E-IONS Japanese Stainless Steel Pipes

NSF Hose
USA NSF certified hose

E-IONS NSF Certified Hose
(good heat resistance)

E-IONS Stainless Steel Pipe

The Difference between E-IONS PCB board with other brands


The Difference between E-IONS Electrolysis plate with other brands

  • E-IONS used Platinum Baked Titanium Electrolysis Plates which made from Japan Kobe Steel, Ltd
  • Electrolysis plate measurement : 9cm x 12cm x 2 cm (Double sized) = 216cm³/pc
  • Each plate contains 2.0 microns of platinum

E-IONS ionized water machine is the only machine in the market that can be upgraded. The machines can be upgraded anytime regardless of the model purchased.

"The Japanese platinum baked titanium electrode boards are made of platinum 0.1 or 0.5 microns, only 0.5 microns(µm) will last up to 10 years."

E-IONS Electrolysis Diaphragm

E-IONS Japanese Ceramic Electrolytic Diaphragm

Electrolysis Diaphragm Quality Guarantee (Japan)
Electrolysis Diaphragm Quality Guarantee (Japan)
Other Brands Electrolysis Plate

Electrolytic diaphragm cannot be replaced. Electrolysis chamber set needs to be replaced & will be very costly.