Kidney Weakness Improvement

I see little bubbles during urinating since I was very young and I also suffered back pain. I have been taking medicine for about 7 years, and my kidney became weak. I thought that is normal because after taking medicine, will have a lot of bubbles when urinating. Until the age of 13 years, I lived with my mother and then my mother found my urine have a lot of small bubbles. My mother bought chinese medicines and health products for me, but until now no improvement.

One day, my mother bought me a bottle of e.ions electrolysis water to drink, and told me have to drink a lot. On the fourth day, I was surprised that my urine does not have bubble! I was stupefied, then I shout loud for my mother. My mother ran into the toilet, at first minute she asked me what happened? My mother was surprised to see my urine have no bubbles! I am very grateful and thanks to e.ions water for making me healthy again. J