Recovery of Nose Sensitive, Allergic Reactions, Edema

Before I start taking e-ions Ionized Healthy Water, I have a nose sensitive, easily caught sneeze, running nose. These cause me always feel tired, work was listless. My skin very allergies, dry and feel itchy. My hands and feet always cramp, easily edema, finger parts easily get blisters, extremely itchy.


After six month for drink e-ions Ionized Healthy Water, sneezing and running nose have been improved, the spirit have be good. My skin itchiness reduce, the skin also much better than before. My hand and feet don’t cramp anymore, edema subsided and the fingers parts blisters and itchiness have reduce. To reduce the itchiness I using e-ions acidic water pH3.5 to soak for 15 minutes repeat until the blisters subsided no more itchy. By having e-ions Ionized Healthy Water, the problems can be solved.